Honda introduces Battery Power that Lasts!

Honda has entered the Australian battery lawnmower market in the 2020 season with the launch of two all-new premium models within a class-leading IZY range.

Carrying over the same qualities and build standards that live up to the name of Honda, the HRG416XB (16”) and HRG466XB (18”) ‘IZY-ON’ models deliver exceptional performance even in demanding conditions, powered by a choice of 4Ah*, 6Ah or 9Ah lithium-ion batteries, featuring unique and innovative cooling technology. Both feature a new purpose-built brushless motor design, for optimum efficiency and to minimise noise. The 466 model also offers integrated on-off, Versamow™ selective mulching function.

Born of IZY
Honda’s new IZY-ON models bring new levels of performance and quality to the battery market – a product on par with the premium build standard that come with Honda’s petrol models – apart from its power source. Most notably this includes a revered high-quality pressed steel powder coated deck – in a market often made up of plastic – to offer superior robustness and durability. It also carries over a standard tried and tested unique blade design, which along with its high airflow collection bag maximises grass collection and minimises clogging.

The IZY-ON 466 variant includes its high-quality transmission, robust steel frame and the convenience of on-off mulching. With two high-performing, robust and durable battery models offering 4.5Nm (416) and 6Nm (466) of torque, with extremely stable RPM of 2900 (416) and 2800 (466), both deliver constant high performance in all conditions.

Cutting-edge brushless motor design
At the heart of the IZY-ON models lies a cutting-edge brushless EC motor providing direct drive to the cutting head for exceptional performance - offering up to 100% longer lifetime and 30% more efficiency per charge and lower noise compared to a fanned design. With a multi-pole design as used in Honda’s generators and hybrid cars, it also features a hall sensor to maintain a stable RPM and consistent high performance, with a heat sink to draw heat away from the motor’s copper windings for optimum strength and durability.

Three high-performance lithium-ion batteries
The new IZY-ON models are powered by either of three high-performance batteries which make up the ‘Universal Battery System’ – offering ‘one battery for everything’. For small to medium domestic gardens the 4Ah and 6Ah units provide a maximum current flow of 24A, IPX1 rated for excellent water resistance, and weigh in at just 1.3kg.

The larger 9Ah version, for heavy, frequent, professional usage, offers a maximum current flow of 45A, IP56 rated for all-weather usage, with a weight of just 2.3kg.

All three batteries feature unique ‘Thermo Smart’ technology to keep cool even in the most demanding conditions and over long periods of use, ensuring consistent high performance and longer battery life. Thermo Smart constantly monitors each cell’s voltage for temperature, which coupled with a unique battery housing design using advanced subframe material ensures fast and efficient heat dissipation for continuous current requirement. The professional 9.0Ah unit is designed to be recharged more than 1000 times, with a robust outer casing which can withstand a two metre drop test. It also features a battery charge level indicator and charge cycle count, motion activated sensor and rotational LCD display.

Battery Power is now Honda Power
Honda’s move into the battery Lawn & Garden market comes at a time of consistent year-on-year growth in the battery market, thanks largely to developments in battery technology. Honda also remains committed to its petrol models, seeing them as a core part of the line-up. The new battery range will sit alongside Honda’s petrol models to offer customers the widest possible choice based upon their requirements and preferences.

Christine Pilbeam, General Manager of Honda Power Equipment Australia comments:
“Lawnmowers are absolutely core to the Honda Lawn & Garden business, it’s what we’re famous for, and after more than 50 years in the market we continue to set the standard. With customers increasingly moving towards battery products and battery technology now so advanced, it’s a natural fit for us to introduce premium battery models alongside our revered petrol lawnmower line-up.”

The 2020 season will herald a ‘new age of cutting’ for Honda, with the introduction of several new and updated products across five categories in its Australian Lawn & Garden range. In addition to the introduction of the IZY-ON models, Honda has also launched a new range of battery handhelds – a Hedgecutter, Brushcutter and Leaf Blower – all compatible with its new 9Ah, 6Ah and 4Ah batteries.

As part of Honda’s commitment to electrification across the business, both the battery lawnmowers and handhelds will carry new blue branding in line with the company’s global brand identity for electrified products.

Honda’s new IZY- ON battery mowers are now available from Honda’s Authorised Dealer Network across Australia.

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