Honda Unveil Electric Power Unit Prototype 'eGX' In Germany

Honda have unveiled the first prototype of the eGX - an electrified power unit developed for commercial-grade work equipment - at the world's leading construction machinery trade fair held in Munich, Germany on the 8-14 April 2019.

Honda is currently developing the eGX as an advanced zero-emission electrified power unit, without compromising the high reliability and excellent installation compatibility of Honda’s GX Series general-purpose engines, the transition should be seamless. Honda’s GX engine series hold the world standard for a power source ideal for various types of commercial-grade work equipment across a broad range of industries.

Development centred on satisfying the needs of the construction machinery market to enable their equipment to be used in a wider range of environments, such as underground tunnels or night construction work undertaken near residential areas with primary focus on machinery that operates under high vibration, such as a rammer and plate compactor.

The motor for the eGX is equipped with a three-phase brushless DC motor, which was developed exclusively for this model and offers high-efficiency and high-power through outstanding insulation technology and winding technology for the alternator, thanks to a long history of developing generators.

Furthermore, the convenience and operational efficiency of the eGX is enhanced through the adoption of a detachable lithium-ion battery pack.

The two prototypes that were on display were an integrated DC power unit eGX: which would be a model installed to a plate compactor and the separated DC power unit eGX which would be installed to a rammer.

The eGX will offer excellent compatibility with Honda GX Series engines (sizes of bolt holes and shaft of the flange are the same as those of GX (R)100/120, the external dimensions are similar to that of GX120)

It will also offer an easy start with its simple switch operation. (Operability) Will be low-maintenance (elimination of various maintenance works, replacement of parts and have zero-emission (zero emission of environmentally hazardous substances namely HC, NOx and CO2)

More information on the eGX will be released as it becomes available to Honda Australia.

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