Introducing Honda’s Handheld Battery Range!

Honda has introduced a new professional battery handheld range for the 2020 season, consisting of a Leaf Blower, Brushcutter and Hedgecutter, offering the power and performance that comes with Honda but with the convenience, ease of use and comfort of battery. The new handheld range is powered by a choice of three high-performance batteries, a 4.0Ah, 6.0Ah or 9.0Ah unit from Honda’s new universal battery system.

Each model in the 36-volt range features a brushless EC motor giving direct drive to the head, for superb performance even in the most demanding conditions and over long periods of use, as well as being fully weatherproof to the IPX4 standard*.

Leaf Blower - HHB36AXB
Honda’s all-new battery Leaf Blower offers powerful and robust performance with the versatility of an interchangeable flat and round nozzle as standard, to best suit the job in hand. Ease of use is assured through optimum balance to keep the nose towards the ground, while variable speed control allows the operator to work at their own pace to suit their preference and the needs of the task and working environment. Comfort and convenience were also a priority in the development of the new unit, with a waist belt-mounted battery to reduce weight, padded with a single-hand release and a universal fit for right or left-hand operation.

Weighing in at just 2.7kg without the battery, and with a noise level of just 99dB(A), the new Blower puts out a powerful air volume of up to 860m³ per hour, with an air speed of up to 68 metres per second.

Brushcutter – HHT36AXBEUE
The new Brushcutter ensures optimum usability with the familiar ‘bike’ handle system and harness for complete control. It also offers the safety and convenience of stall-free operation, with the head automatically releasing if jammed. A three-tooth blade and nylon line head are provided as standard. Weighing in at just 6.5kg without the battery, and with a noise level of just 93dB(A), it offers top-class performance with superior comfort for even the most demanding task.

Hedgecutter – HHH36AXB
Honda’s new battery Hedgecutter provides a fast, precise and clean cut thanks to its 60cm Swiss-made hardened steel double-sided blades. It also offers the safety and convenience of stall-free operation, with the blade automatically releasing if jammed. Ultimate comfort and ease-of-use is assured with a 3-way adjustable rear handle, which can move 90 degrees right or left. Weighing in at just 5kg without the battery, and with a noise level of just 101dB(A), the new Hedgecutter makes light work of anything thrown at it.

Three high-performance lithium-ion batteries
The new handhelds are powered by either of three high-performance batteries which are part of Honda’s ‘Universal Battery System’ – offering ‘one battery for everything’. For domestic use the 4.0Ah and 6.0Ah units provide a maximum current flow of 24A, IPX1 rated for excellent water resistance, and weighing just 1.3kg. The larger 9.0Ah version, for heavy, frequent, professional usage, offers a maximum current flow of 45A, IP56 rated for all-weather usage, with a weight of just 2.3kg.

Each of the new batteries features unique ‘Thermo-Smart’ technology to keep cool even in the most demanding conditions and over long periods of use, ensuring consistent high performance and longer battery life. Thermo-Smart constantly monitors each cell’s voltage for temperature, which coupled with a unique battery housing design using advanced subframe material ensures fast and efficient heat dissipation for continuous current requirement. The professional 9.0Ah unit is designed to be recharged more than 1000 times, with a robust outer casing which can withstand a two-metre drop test. It also features a battery charge level indicator and charge cycle count, motion activated sensor and rotational display via its LCD screen.

Battery to the Power of Honda
The introduction of Honda’s new battery handheld range comes at a time of consistent year-on year growth in the battery market, thanks largely to developments in battery technology. Honda also remains committed to its petrol models, seeing them as a core part of the line-up. The new battery range will sit alongside Honda’s petrol handheld models to offer customers the widest possible choice based upon their requirements and preferences.

Christine Pilbeam, General Manager of Honda Power Equipment Australia comments:
“The battery handheld market continues to grow at pace, and with battery technology now so advanced we can offer products with the performance and capability of petrol-power with the convenience of battery. These new premium handhelds sit perfectly in the Honda range to offer customers ultimate choice, even for the most demanding professional user.”

The 2020 season will herald a ‘new age of cutting’ for Honda, with several new and updated products across five categories in its Australian Lawn & Garden range. In addition to the introduction of its new battery handhelds, Honda will enter the battery lawnmower market with two ‘IZY-ON’ models, also powered by its universal battery system.

The new battery handheld range is now available from Honda’s Authorised Dealer Network, with a RRP of $549 for the Blower, $849 for the Brushcutter and $879 for Hedgecutter. (These prices are skin only and do not include battery or charger).

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