Honda Universal Battery System

Universal battery system

Battery power is now Honda power

Simple and convenient to use, a single lithium-ion battery is paired with a single charger to work across the entire range. There’s no need for different batteries for each product you own. Three battery sizes are available to you - 4Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah. What’s more, the LCD screen on the 9Ah lets you know instantly how much battery life and charge time you have left.

Fast charge

Get a full battery in little as 35 minutes

A size for any job

3 battery sizes available

Professional suitable

Honda quality, durability and reliability

Environmentally friendly

Less noise and no emissions

Convenience & flexibility

Use the same battery for every product

  • HHB36 Blower
    HHB36 Blower
  • HHT36 Brushcutter
    HHT36 Brushcutter
  • HHH36 Hedgecutter
    HHH36 Hedgecutter
  • IZY-ON Mowers
    IZY-ON Mowers

Range & Pricing

Please select below

  • 36V 6AH Battery

    36V 6AH Battery

    RRP $359*

    • 6 Amp Hour, 36 Volt
    • 55 minute charge time
    • Suitable for large size gardens
    • Run times between 18-90 minutes (depending on skin)
    • Lightweight at just 1.3kgs
  • 36V 4AH Battery

    36V 4AH Battery

    RRP $299*

    • 4 Amp Hour, 36 Volt
    • 35 minute charge time
    • Suitable for medium size gardens
    • Run times between 12-60 minutes (depending on skin)
    • Lightweight at just 1.3kgs
  • 36V Fast Battery Charger

    36V Fast Battery Charger

    RRP $149*

    • 36 Volt
    • Fast Charging
    • One charger for all batteries
    • 1 Year Commercial Warranty
    • 2 Year Domestic Warranty
  • 36V 9AH Battery

    36V 9AH Battery

    RRP $675*

    • 9 Amp Hour, 36 Volt
    • 77 minute charge time
    • Professional Use
    • Run times between 27-135 minutes (depending on skin)
    • Lightweight at just 2.3kgs
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